About Me

My name is Alan Jenkin, and I created this Half Training service for people who want to exercise by running and have set their sights on a Half Marathon.

For a year or two I operated a beginner running program.   When I started Half Marathon training I could find nothing for folks who run for fun and exercise: the training schedules were designed for runners intending to set new PRs, rather than those who wish to enjoy the training as well as the race.

Having run for health, fitness and pleasure for more than 18 years, I recognized that I could support others in going from couch potatoes to half marathoners in 18 weeks or so, without giving up their life to training. We fitness runners like to train at a level that minimizes the risk of injury.  For us, two weeks off because of injuries is a disaster: it means two weeks of disappointment and deprivation.

Others schedule race training, we enjoy our workouts, running to enjoy the process rather than the prize.

Alan Jenkin and the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville, April 25, 2009. Don’t look at my time (after injury I was just pleased to finish!)