Dissolving Lungs

phoneRrrrring — 


 “Alan Jenkin?”


“Hi, this is Dr. Sawbones’ office.  We have the X-ray results, and your lungs are dissolving.”


“Not DISsolving! REsolving.”

“Oh. Is that good?”

“Yes.  You don’t need any more X-rays.”

It must be a couple of months or more since I went to the doctor with a fever which he diagnosed as pneumonia.  Antibiotics hit it fast, and I soon recovered, but it has taken a long while to recuperate fully.  The worst part was that for weeks I was not allowed to run – or even walk.

 “Just your normal daily activity.”

 “Does that include my normal daily run?”

 “No. No running or walking – just your daily activity.”

 The doctor didn’t seem to understand that running is part of my daily activity.

 When he finally passed me for running, it felt great to get outside and stagger around again.  Then the weather turned cold, and my lungs burned with every breath, so I decided that it would be better to run only when the temperature was more temperate.  And it was not raining or blowing too hard.

That limited my options somewhat, since it was now November.  Fortunately, we can get frequent weather changes in my part of Texas during tis time of the year, so I could pick days when the sun was shining and the temperature up in the 70s, even though the next day it might be in the 40s.

 The good news is that, now that my lungs have “dissolved” I can run even when it’s fairly cold.  The better news is that it feels good.  The even better news is that my pace is slowly improving again.

 The bad news is that leaves me with no excuses!

But it’s good to know that my lungs are not dissolving …